And it pays off!

I’m so excited to be able to report how well our lifestyle changes are paying off in ways I can see.

Beth and Jolie have lost weight abs slimmed down considerably. Their pediatrician is very happy and they feel much better! The boys are also so much more active and happy!

I had bloodwork done this past week and my numbers have all improved! It’s great to see things moving in the right direction.

Now…. TDMM has a new challenge.  Part of our program is aligning physical and mental health in order to heal the whole person.  One of the specific areas I am getting help in (aside from exercise and nutrition) is help with self acceptance. 

The challenge is a two part. The first part is to write about 3 things I am grateful for. This part I find easy.

1. I am grateful for the help I am getting with this lifestyle change. Help is coming from a lot of directions. I’m learning to ask for help. I’m learning that I have to be open to receive help. I’m learning that help comes in many different forms.

2. I’m grateful for the difference I see in my children this summer over last summer.  We had a fun time last summer but my kids were becoming materialistic and constantly looking for the bigger and better deal.  That wasn’t ever what I wanted for my kids. This summer we are closer and tighter, we are eating better and having fun celebrating nature, each other,  and our family.

3. I am grateful to be off of most of my medications.  Its exciting to see my diabetes meds decreasing and my blood pressure meds gone. It’s wonderful that I don’t need the migraine meds because my life has changed so dramatically.

That covers part One. Part Two is going to be a little more challenging for me. In part two I have to write about 3 things I like/love about myself. This part seemz vain and narcissistic.  I have no idea why I struggle with this part so much. 

1. I like my quest for knowledge. I like how I love to learn and grow in new areas.

2. I like that I’m becoming someone I can respect and be proud of.

3. I like my desire to grow and change

That ends today’s update! Thanks for being on this journey with me! How are you doing?