It Was Only Just a Dream…

I feel far more human today! Not perfect but I feel like I’m headed back in the right direction and not a moment too soon.

Beth came home from school upset today. The last time she came home upset was 2 months ago and it was just yesterday that I was talking about how wonderful she’s doing, so I really should have expected it.  It seems she’s having social problems at school.  The social problems being that little girls are predominately evil.  That may  be a little harsh but right now I’m sticking to it. It seems that for some reason girls between 9 and 17 are just catty and intolerant people  (unless you happen to be one of their close friends).  All of that being said, she calmed down very easily and we talked about what was bothering her. It was so incredible to be at the point where we could have that conversation!  We weren’t able to get beyond the “what” of the situation though. She just doesn’t have the social skills needed to navigate around little girls who just don’t like her.

I’ve never understood why children are so mean. Are parents not teaching them to be nice? Are they being mean behind their parents’ backs? Do they not realize how mean they are being? These are just general questions, not even factoring in how “typical” kids treat “atypical” kids.

I’m going to have to think on this one.



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