There is just so much to be thankful for every single day. Not just in November, but every day. Its been more important for me lately to focus on positive things because my girl is starting to struggle again. November is typically her struggle month, so I can’t say it was unexpected. The difference is that we have stumbled on an amazing amount of support this year. School has gone so well for her and we have an amazing support in her adjustment counselor at school.  I really can’t believe how different this year has been from the last couple of years.

My own health issues are getting better slowly as I start learning more about how to take care of myself. I’m finding myself on my own quite a bit lately but this is okay because I’m free to learn at my own pace and think about how it applies to me. The downside to my learning is the utter frustration I’m feeling when what I apply doesn’t change anything. I’m seeing the endocrinologist in December and hopefully that will shed some light on why nothing’s working like it’s supposed to right now.

Today was eye exam day! That’s never fun but I love my eye doctor. I have a new prescription again and I’m actually writing about this because its a lot more fun than writing about how once again my blood sugar is not cooperating. I know the weight is going nowhere until the blood sugar falls in line. So frustrating!


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