Beth at the 2013 Veterans Day Celebration

Isn’t she gorgeous? I know, I’m biased. She’s actually had a haircut since then but its been awhile since I shared a picture and this one makes me very happy. I know it’s hard to see, but her eyes shine here. Her school chorus performed last week at the Veteran’s Day celebration and again tonight at the school’s International Night. She told me this evening on our way home from the school that she feels safest and happiest when she’s singing and that she loves performances. She said that music makes her forget about the people who don’t like her. 


Jolie, looking cute like usual.

Today I had a therapy appointment about this girl.  She wasn’t present since sometimes I see her therapist alone so we can really talk. Most of the time I find RAD therapy fascinating but I’ve missed 3 appointments due to other appointments and today I just felt down. I think it’s just my hormones though because I’ve cried every damn day since I had the IUD removed (If that is TMI then pretend you didn’t see it, lol). I feel hopeless and defeated, and just overall blah and down. I’m seriously lacking patience with the kids and with the husband. I’m feeling things that I can’t explain for reasons I can’t explain, so it makes sense to me that I just wasn’t into therapy today.

Jolie has been incredibly intense lately. Since the beginning of November, really. She’s been hateful, spiteful, and mean. I’ve done enough RAD therapy to know that this signals that she’s feeling something different or scary and I’ve been able to head it off at the pass for the most part. It has just been tricky since I’ve been feeling so off myself. RAD specialist believes that it is upcoming holidays. She said most of her RAD clients are experiencing increased behavioral issues. That makes sense to me seeing as how November usually shows us increased psychosis with Beth but so far there’s no sign of that this year. 

As for me… today was rough. It turned out to be far busier than I intended and I didn’t get anything I wanted to accomplish done today. Just picking up the prescription refills took over two hours. My blood sugar didn’t cooperate at all today and I didn’t get the walk in that I was hoping for. I found out that I have a 9:30 am meeting tomorrow and I had really wanted tomorrow to be a lazy day.

Maybe Saturday can be a lazy day.



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