2013 – Xander and Peter hanging out on the wall

These two do not get near enough attention when I’m writing. Oddly enough, when I’m playing around on Snapchat with my friends they are usually the main subject there.

It’s rather funny to me how my attention ends up divided out. When I sit down here to write lately there’s no game plan. I’m literally just rambling. Often, like tonight, I stare at a blank page waiting for something to write about to pop into my head. And there’s plenty I could write about but some of it just doesn’t belong here. I’m really only writing because I have a goal to have at least 1 post a day for the next 6 months. I haven’t quite finished out a week, and I gave up on the “grateful” posts on Facebook because it got boring. I’m not exactly known for finishing what I start. I have a good feeling about this though. It’s a good challenge for myself.

I have nothing witty, insightful, or even remotely interesting to say tonight. Honestly, I’m just exhausted. The husband and I stacked our outside furniture today for winter. It seemed so odd to be putting everything away when it was 60 degrees outside but it’s the middle of November and I really don’t want to be out there in the snow protecting the patio furniture, so it’s all done. Really, for some reason I don’t remember much of today. This happens a lot and really gets annoying after awhile. I usually plan for that and take a lot of pictures or leave myself notes, emails, or even FB messages to myself if there’s something I really need to remember, but today that must not have seemed important. For this reason especially, I am never without my cell phone. It’s my only guarantee to keep notes throughout my day.


Random thoughts:

The song “Price Tag” – Now I haven’t checked but I’m fairly positive the song/album is NOT free. So she can’t really claim that we should forget about the price tag, or that it’s not about the money and she just wants to make the world dance. This is totally null and void if it is actually free.

Some people enter your life and refuse to leave it. Assuming these are good people, keep them. Don’t push them away. I push people away on a regular basis. Blood does not mean family. The good people who refuse to be pushed away are family.  I love you (you know who you are).

I get nervous when the music stops. No real reason to be nervous, but my heart always starts beating a little bit faster when I realize that my music stopped. I calm instantly as soon as the music starts again.

Somehow I knew all the words to the song “Payphone” by Maroon 5, and yet I only recently realized that it’s not a nice sweet song. 



That’s all I got for tonight! 




A quiet Saturday


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