Sunday Evening Rambles


2013, Xander… my snapchat response to a great friend who sent me a snapchat of herself.

I’m not writing about Xander tonight… but he’s just too cute not to share. Your life has been made infinitely better by seeing my youngest beloved. You’re welcome.

Today started way too early. I woke up around 7 and started thinking about getting up for church. At the thought of church I was filled with overwhelming dread. I did NOT want to be anywhere near church today. I’m usually fairly good at trusting my instincts but today I couldn’t just stay home because the kids were singing in choir and they only sing one Sunday a month. I managed to roll out of bed and make it to church with about 2 minutes to spare. The panic was so bad I could taste it at times but there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Church went fine, the kids had a great morning and nothing horrible happened. 

After church Beth went out for lunch with Grandma J and Grampy. She had a great time and from what I hear they enjoyed it too! Going anywhere with Beth can be quite the experience. Jolie was pretty annoyed that she didn’t get to go. Jolie already had some time alone with them and it was Beth’s turn but Jolie doesn’t do sharing very well unless it’s her idea. She has this way of making people pay for what she decides is an infraction against her. I think we avoided that today because she curled up on the couch with us and watched some Dr. Who. Jolie seriously loves Dr. Who. She doesn’t always understand it but she asks all kinds of questions and learns a lot from it.

Tomorrow starts a new week. There are several more appointments, some meetings, some odds and ends to take care of. Endless amounts of planning and running. Ongoing attempts to forget about the medical testing and medical issues plaguing my family. Attempts to fix the medical issues prove to be in the way of my attempts to forget them. I am having no problems forgetting most of what I do every day. Funny how that works out.

Tonight I am seriously exhausted. 


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