Busy, busy, busy…

This week has been so busy. I seriously need to stop booking so much at once!  

Today I ran my very first Parent Committee meeting. I was told I did a great job. I was nervous, cuz I don’t do well speaking in public. Or at least I don’t think I do. Apparently I do fine. 

Beth’s behavior has slid back into the “stranger than fiction” category. 

I ran out of white yarn and I can’t find the shade of blue I want. 

Tomorrow is going to be soooo much busier than today. 

I received a very nice message on Facebook from a middle school friend. 

OH! And my blood sugars have almost all been under 150! And I made an appointment with a great endo. So excited! 



Random thoughts for today:

I feel better and get more done when my blood sugar cooperates.

I will be SO happy when my new glasses come in.

I didn’t reply to my snapchats today. L is probably sad. Or not. Who knows.

I’m pleased with today! 



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