It’s Friday!

I’m so glad Friday is finally here, and is mostly over. This week has been so incredibly busy! I’m not even sure where to start…..

I went to a bunch of meetings. (Fascinating, I know).

Today, though, that’s the real gem. Today I took Beth and Peter to a new dentist. Our local dentist was okay, but when they tried to do some routine maintenance work on Beth and fill in two cavities, she became convinced they were trying to poison her and ended up fighting her way out. It took weeks to come down from that disaster. Recovering from (perceived) trauma sucks, in case you were wondering. It sucks for the person recovering and for the people around her/him. The dentist was adamant, though, that this be taken care of and gave me a referral to a dentist in a bigger city that would do sedation dentistry. I wasn’t quite feeling it but as I had already ignored the same referral for Peter, I figured I might want to follow through since special needs parents are often judged harshly for not following recommendations.

So, off we went. I won’t lie, I was SO nervous. I was worried that I was entering Beth into a situation she wasn’t ready for. I wasn’t so worried about Peter. He tends to adapt pretty well these days. Beth was nervous and I think our nervousness was feeding into each other. 

We made the 20 minute drive, and I managed to not get lost. This is massively huge too. We got there and instantly the kids were excited. There was an Xbox Connect and a massive video game tablet on the wall. A member of the office staff came out and reviewed the paperwork with me quietly while the kids played. We covered Beth’s uniqueness without having to discuss it in front of her, which I appreciate. (While a lot of parents feel that its best to discuss it in front of the child, Beth has requested that we not discuss it in front of her unless she initiates the conversation.) She went off and ran it all by the hygienist so I wouldn’t have to have the same conversation twice (awesome!). Peter decided he was going first and he did wonderfully! The problem we were told to fix by the local dentist isn’t really a problem at all!  Yay! 

Then it was Beth’s turn. Beth allowed the exam, and after a little coaxing allowed the x-rays. While she was getting the x-rays Dr. Dan explained that she has two small cavities on baby teeth. While they use nitrous oxide in their office, it should not be used on a child with mental health concerns. He went on to explain that because the gas changes the way you feel and think it becomes scary and traumatic to a child who already experiences disturbances in thoughts and feelings. I really had no idea, but totally grateful that Dr. Dan took the time to explain that and didn’t just try to use it anyways. He said if he can’t convince her to let him fill the cavities then we need to just drop it because they are tiny and not affecting anything, and on baby teeth. By the time we were done she volunteered to let him try to fix her teeth and we scheduled an appointment to get it done.

This was huge. I might have already said that once or twice… but it needs to be said.

As we were walking out to the parking lot, both Beth and Peter asked if we could just go there from now on instead of going back to the local dentist. 

Um, yeah! 



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