It was 19 degrees this morning. 

Xander was insisting he was going to freeze to death on the way to church. Today in church was the first time since we started going that I didn’t have a child with me during the service. It was a bit strange to me to just be able to listen and not have to keep an eye (and an ear) on the kidlets. I admit I didn’t really know what to think of that. It felt like something was missing during the whole service. I did learn that I don’t remember much about joining the church. New members were joining the church today and I had to ask my sister if the service went the same way when I joined the church. Not surprising, really.

I’m happy to report that Xander did not, in fact, freeze to death going to church. Once we got home we stayed home. I like going to church. I like building a “church family” and having a place that my children are happy, safe, and are encouraged to try new things. So far this place fits. Really, it was Jolie’s idea, but it has worked for all of them. My spiritual views are very eclectic but this seems to be working very well for me too. Today’s sermon was much needed and absolutely appreciated. 

Aside from that I did some homework and did my best to keep my kidlets occupied. 

I’m officially exhausted from the weekend.





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