And the Teachers Say…

Today was parent teacher conference day. And I dreaded it. I never scheduled one for Beth (yeah yeah yeah, I know) because I was trying to be all slick and hold off on scheduling until Jolie’s was scheduled and instead I lost the paper and ran out of time. Peter doesn’t get conferences, but Head Start does them so I scheduled one for Xander.

Xander’s I didn’t dread. That kid is too funny and well-loved by his teachers. He’s blossomed so much at Head Start. Apparently he’s a ladies man and has his favorite girls. He’s not really playing WITH anyone, but he’s careful to make sure he talks to everyone. He’s ahead of the curve in a few areas and has some work to do in others but all in all is on target for a 3 year old. I absolutely love our Head Start and I’m already sad that we only have one more year there! 

Jolie’s conference was the one I dreaded. Husband and I recently discovered that Jolie wasn’t turning in her homework and I really just wasn’t in the mood to be lectured by a teacher. I went though because I’m a responsible parent… or something like that. (Go with it, it sounds good!). It turns out that Jolie’s teacher isn’t the lecturing type! She talked about how intelligent Jolie is and expressed that she finds it hard to challenge her because she’s so advanced. She does find ways to work in more challenging things. She said Jolie loves to read but doesn’t like to read to friends during the “read to others” part of their day. Jolie says the other kids pick books that are boring and too easy. She knows that Jolie hates homework because its so easy but at this point she’s learning responsibility. I liked her. 

Aside from that I’ve spent the day crocheting, doing some laundry, and catching up with some new/old friends. Oh, and the snapchats with one of the besties, who keeps me amused. I adore her! 


2 comments on “And the Teachers Say…

  1. I’m glad everything went well! Jolie is probably gifted do you get her scientific books? Or other things that can keep her interested in learning? I had the same problem when I was young luckily enough I went to a montessori school and they let me work at my own pace… It’s a very good thing that the teacher understands that 🙂 kisses

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