Random thoughts…

I’m on mobile so I’m not promising perfection but here’s some random thoughts.

• The children’s choir at church is adorable. I’m watching them practice right now.

• Beth has her winter concert at school next week.

• I’ve been looking at a few things in my life the wrong way and I need to change that.

• Our RAD specialist had some very valid points today.  I really appreciate and value her insight. She said she’s running out of things to tell me that I don’t already know.

• I have no close local friends anymore.  For the first time in a year this is a starting to bother me.

• At some point some of these will become full posts of their own.

• Sometimes change is a good thing.  To me, all change is terrifying. Good change scares me as much as hard change.

That’s all I have tonight.  Mostly because I hate blogging from my cell phone.


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