Is over! 

Wow, what a year it was! It started out pretty stressful and not so great. A series of choices, mostly narrowing down to poor decisions and misplaced trust, left me in a not so good place. I didn’t listen to those I should have trusted most and put my trust into a few people who didn’t deserve it. 

By May things started to turn around. I finished the spring semester of college with decent grades, I had reconnected with family, I started re-honing my parenting skills and slowly working my way out of the mess I had gotten myself into. 

In June I re-connected with an old friend who has some mad skills that I need. The Divine Miss M has truly blessed and enriched my life and the kids’ lives. I noticed not so long ago that even though Project Me derailed in a horrible, fiery crash, the kids have done better than ever before. We didn’t spend huge amounts of money on trips and parties. We spent next to no money on these things and still had an incredible summer. And the kids surprised me at every turn and handled everything in stride. Beth has had 3 (yes, just 3) major meltdown/psychotic moments all year. Just 3. Over the last couple of years she was having 3-5 a WEEK. In all of 2013 only 3 come to mind. She’s had plenty of small ones, and that is to be expected, but so few huge ones. It shows me that the decisions made this year in terms of parenting, nutrition, people we are hanging out with, and family involvement have been right for us. The girls’ therapists are astounded by the progress. One of the things I know helped is that we started going to church at Jolie’s insistence. Jolie picked the church that my sister attends and that has had a hugely positive effect on Beth. I hadn’t identified as Christian in a very long time but find that my spiritual beliefs are very comfortable being Christian and I can relate highly to the Divine.

Monkey started Head Start this year. He has blossomed socially and is the light of the party. He has so many friend and I’ve even made friends as I’ve joined a few committees and took time to get to know people. Jolie has had a fantastic time so far in 2nd grade and Peter has pretty much outgrown his IEP and will be moving on next year into mainstream kindergarten.

2013 has ended, but not before squeezing out a few last lessons. I still have much to learn but I look forward to the challenge in 2014. 


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