A little bit of this….

… and a little bit of that.

Last night I did my measurements again. Sparing the details which I really don’t feel much like sharing I was smaller on every measurement except my upper arms by at least 2 inches! Yay! The arms, I believe are muscle because I can see some definition poking through. I even had M double check by forcing her to look at a picture lol! Today I’ve been being super conscious about what I’m doing but I managed to forget an insulin shot with lunch which landed me the gift of a 295 blood sugar. I have since fixed that, hopefully it will even out.

I had a great chat with my sister (who is currently hiding from winter in a nice warm state) and got all of my Biology homework done. I’ve been trying to make sure I get up and walk around in order to at least get my step count up but Biology homework is a seated activity lol.

I feel good today, physically. My body feels comfortable and is moving much better.

Xander has rambled on all day. A commercial about a Nuwave just came on TV and the announcer asked “Are you ready for an amazing deal?” and my boy yelled out “Yes!”. It made me giggle. This kid is blossoming into an amazing kid. He has sensory issues and tends to rock against the back of the couch for hours. I asked him the other day why he does it and he went silent as he rocked. I assumed the question was too much for a 3 year old and was prepared to drop it when he suddenly said “It makes me feel good when I feel bad inside.” Impressed isn’t even close enough to the word I’d use to describe how his answer made me feel. Just 3 years old and he was able to tell me exactly why he does what he does. Rock on, son. I won’t try and stop you. It amazes me that for the first 2 years of his life the OT working with Peter told us over and over again to stop letting Xander rock. She told us to find a “productive” activity to replace the sensory behavior with. I never agreed and now I’m very glad I didn’t try and stop him. I will never encourage anyone to stop self-soothing behavior which is exactly what his rocking is.


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