And the Darkness Parts…

I don’t know if it was all the writing I did last night, or the church event with the kids tonight, or just a natural lifting of the darkness… but the darkness parted and right now I feel pretty content. I’m watching the newest Dr. Who special and eagerly waiting for the new season to start tomorrow night.

Once this is over I need to find some sleep. I’m averaging about 3 hours a night and it’s exhausting! Tonight’s wrap up of the kids’ vacation bible school was awesome though and made me very happy. Xander even participated, which was nice because he’s not really interested in being up in front of a crowd. Beth was surrounded by at least 3 friends, and that was awesome to see. Jolie won a door prize (bowling tickets) and Peter danced until he was exhausted! Beth ended up going home with her best friend for a sleepover and now everyone is settling down for the night.

School begins next week. As much as I’m ready to have a structured routine back I also dread it. I’m going to miss the kids so much! I love having them around and since we’ve had such a tough summer it has been nice to keep them close. They are all ready to go back though. They miss school so very much.



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