So Much to Say and No Time to Say it in….

People, I have no idea where all my time has been going! I know it’s been forever and I think about writing every day and never seem to get back here to do it. I need to start making it a priority because I know it’s important for me to process and document. Things always seem so much clearer when I do.

What have I been up to?

Graduation. I finally have my Associates Degree in Human Services. Graduation was on May 21st and it was long, hot, and my shoes sucked and made my feet bleed. Mostly healed now, but that really wasn’t my idea of fun. It’s really trippy to think that I have a degree now. I’m not sure I ever thought that day would come. I’ve applied for and been accepted into a Bachelor in Psychology program. Who ever would have guessed? Three years ago I was a complete mess and unable to finish a load of laundry, let alone a degree program.

Church. I’ve increased my faith by leaps and bounds this year. I never realized how little faith I had in anything, really. I have found myself looking at things differently and seeing things through a different set of eyes (figuratively speaking, of course). The change has astounded me time and time again. I can’t even explain how much I’ve grown in that respect.

Kids. Beth has had an incredible year! We’ve had our bumps in the road but for the most part she’s grown so much and learned how to manage her emotions in a healthy and productive way. Jolie is having surgery for hearing issues in two weeks. Peter is moving up from pre-school to kindergarten, and Xander is finishing up his first year in Head Start. This school year I jumped in with both feet and ran the Head Start Parent Committee and was on the Head Start Policy Council. That’s HUGE for me and it was so much fun and a great learning and growing experience.

Right now, I’m sick. I have a massive cold/sinus icky thing. Life can’t stop though! Jolie has a pre-op appointment tomorrow and Beth has her school play tomorrow night, and I’m volunteering for that.

What have I missed?

Oh, and I’m learning to run a giveaway blog! So far I kinda suck at it, but I’m learning!



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